Tips for Writing an Effective Research Paper

Before we start to talking about how to write an effective research paper. Let’s go through basics.

What is a research paper?

A research paper is basically a piece of educational writing that provide you logical and compelling data that is come from a proper depth research. Essay Tigers. Write down an essay consist of five paragraph about your school days and feel them in a more depth, in a more narrative format. Research paper may contain also an argument on a basis of thesis statement collect from various trustworthy sources.

In the beginning of writing a research paper may be you face problem and writing very carefully, but it is not too complicated if you follow the steps properly. Take it as a challenge because in the beginning it required serious research, but it is not an annoying task for anyone. Before starting a research make sure you have enough piece of paper, a highlighter and file card. Make a checklist of research principles that will help you to write research paper.

Start with by following these necessary steps:

  1. Select a topic that inspires you
  2. Find reliable sources
  3. Organize your notes
  4. Brainstorm a substantial outline
  5. Write a first draft
  6. Read through first draft and re-write
  7. Edit

Proper research

A reliable place for your research is the library. As we know there are different possible references available, uncountable books, published articles, magazine and journals. Find a convenient place without noise and distractions of people, here you start research. Use checklist and index to uncover the research points. you can take from the librarian to find effective research related books and their locations, as librarian is there for your help and suggested that you can take those topics in which you can easily research at your home. Always remember that internet is a vast piece of research and references and many valid scholar articles but still check your facts data with different websites and books then put into your research.

Select your research topic

If you have a right to choose a topic at your own, then probably choose those topics in which you have interest and you always have curious about the knowledge in depth. Choose a topic in which you do not have interest to find things do not lead to an effective research paper. Being more focus when choosing a topic. People also choose a very common topic for research which another a mistake because there is a vast range of references and research on it and people not interested to read more.

Taking down the proper notes

Be planned when you taking notes and learn the material which is important for your research, so you were not face problem for less important and use less material during writing. Highlighted the main topics so that you can give further details in future.

You may read whole articles or book this all you were not included due to words limits, so you need to highlighted the main points which give positive impact on research paper and will be used during writing a research paper.

Almost most of the time we make notes for remembering, always give the reference of author, title and other thing that is use in a research paper writing.

Write an outline

When you are doing research completely and highlighted the main points that support your research, now make an outline of your research. Take help for the notes you make during research and doing brainstorming of your topics and find supportive argument for your research. This is not a requirement to make a proper structure of sentences because it’s just a brainstorming. This is important part and may be take more time than the other steps. We can say that it is a foundational pf research paper.

Work on your first draft

When you done to finalized the outline, you may start writing with an initial draft. Now start by structuring the sentences and build paragraph, explain each point in detail with true facts and figure so that people can understand your point of view better. You can do more research in this step if you feel current information is not enough to support your argument. And be relax if there is a more mistakes, there is just a first draft so you make changes on it.

Write and edit your final paper

Once you make first draft and put all the relevant information, now you can proceed this draft for editing and convert into a final piece of paper writing. Check all the spellings, structure of sentence, typing error and grammatical mistakes. Do my Essay-Essay Tiger. Give all the references you get help in writing a plan. Read whole article as many time as you can as an examiner and doing again and again proof reading and check that it is fulfill all the necessary requirement of research paper or not.


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