“How to Score in Exam with Little Preparation”

There are many students who worry about their grades and keep struggling to find best way of study. Sometimes pressure is also come from parents, teacher and class mates side to force on scores. In this situation students feel depressed and want no more study. Done Dissertation. Study in a exam just few day before the exams can really get a good scores. If you are willing to put a little bit effort and time to learn best ways of learning.

Make a schedule:Schedule

Make a schedule and stay with the schedule and try to complete before the timelines. Clear the concepts of important topics and also schedule your time limits of different topics.

Time management:

time management

This is a very important thing before examination and also during the paper. Most of the students learn all question but they don’t know how to spent time in one question. They spent more time in starting question due to which they have less time or no more time for last questions. Tip is that to divide the time into slots according to the subjects and topics into number of days. Study on regular basic and give yourself enough time for practice and revision.

Ask the teacher:

As far as your concern your teacher will be your last hope and helper. Take the advantage of your teacher by understanding any topic which is not clear to you, asked different questions. Because teacher are here to provide you educational knowledge and no teacher want to fail students.

Practice make perfect:

Practicing the exams questions under the time pressure and within the time bound is the best way to score good marks in exams. Practice make yourself to perform better. Honest with yourself and work on your weak subjects. Do more practice of weak subjects. Weak subject is drag your grade very low that’s way practicing of that questions and subject is very important.

Pay attention during lecture:

The best way to score good marks in exams is to pay attention during the lectures which is deliver by your teachers. If you don’t keep attention may be you miss the important and key point of the lecture. According to the research it state that the lecture deliver by the teacher is more important than their notes.

Make notes:


This is the easiest way of learning. Also when time is short and more topics and subjects are in a line. Notes help you to get idea of topics. Do My Dissertation-Done Dissertation. Make notes in a bullet form of every topics so that you can easily learn during the exams day’s.

Effective study steps:

  • Complete your reading course and compile your notes with different sources like teacher lecture, assignment, test and tutorial.
  • Review past assignment, paper and tests so that you have an idea type of paper teacher made and what they want in paper for that see past papers mistakes.
  • Set a realistic goals for all subject which determines need to focus on what subjects.
  • Make balance between the study time and other things. Make less commitments during the papers schedule give more time to study.
  • Be confident in your preparation and in your learning.
  • Focus on that section more in which you full marks. Clear the idea, concepts and emphasize more on that topics like test topics and topics which teacher highlighted more.
  • Arrange honest study partner with in your friends. Doing combine study or via a Skype.
  • Clarify every point you don’t understand with your teacher
  • Most important things is to prepare yourself according to the strength and weakness of the topics. Focus more on weak topics.



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