There are huge amount of people in the whole world who consumed milk and dairy products each day. Milk plays a vital role in healthy individual nourishment and growth throughout the life; however it is very important for the upbringing of childs.Vitamin B2, B6, B12, A, D, E, biotin, folic acid, and niacin all these properties are found in milk. Vitamin A, E, D is reliant on the diet and the variety of breed of the cow. We can say that milk is a complete food for a new born. Milk is a multifarious victuals containing abundant nutrients. It is a food which is primarily provides a source of energy. It is a most important component for the health of skeletal tissue, and the cow milk contains huge amount of nutrients. Milk creates a healthy relationship between you and your health, so take milk in your daily routine and maintain your health. India is the biggest manufacturer of milk and as per national diary (NDDB)’s estimation, India produced 102 million MT of milk in 2007- 08 with annual worth of Rs.1, 232 billions.

Composition of milk and its benefits:

  • 7 % water :  hydration
  • 9 % lactose :  sweet flavor
  • 4 % fat :  energy
  • 3% protein :  builds and repair muscles, Aids growth
  • 7% minerals : calcium for strong bones and teeth

Now let’s discuss some especial types if milk:

  • sterilized milk
  • filtered milk
  • dried milk powder
  • standardized milk
  • flavored milk
  • skimmed milk
  • organic milk
  • Pasteurization
  • evaporated milk
  • Jersey and Guernsey milk





Sterilized milk:

Sterilized milk is available in whole, semi skimmed, skimmed verities Sterilized milk maybe defined as milk which has been heated to a temperature of 100 C or above for such lengths of time that, it remains fit for the human consumption. This milk is completely free from bacterial spores. Unopened bottles or carton of sterilized milk keep for several months without the need for refrigerator. One opened it must be treated as fresh milk and used within 5 days.

Filtered milks:

Filtered milk goes through an extra, fine filtration system, which souring bacteria from passing through. The nutritional content of the milk is unaffected but the shelf life is increased. Filtered milk is whole; semi skimmed or skimmed milk verities.

Dried milk powder:

Milk powder is produced by evaporating the water from the milk using heat, the milk is homogenized, and heat treated and pre- concentrated before drying. There are many ways to produce dried milk powder including spray drying and roller drying.

Standardized milk:

It contains the original fat. According to PFA rules (1976) standardized milk should contain, minimum fat 4.5%, maximum SNF 8.5%.

Flavored milk:

The flavored milk market is one of the fastest growing dairy secters.In which we added some flavors. Chocolate milk/ drinks, which is commonly used for kids and adults. Fruit flavored milk, most of the fruit that we commonly used strawberry, vanilla, banana and mango.

Skimmed milk:

Skimmed milk has a fat content of between 0.1%- 0.3%, it contains slightly more calcium than whole milk and lower levels of fat soluble vitamins. it reduce the calorie content, that why this is not suggested for the children’s who are under 5 years because they need calorie and additional power for their growth. It is recommended for adults who want to manage their fats. It has a less creamy taste due to the exclusion 0f fat.


Organic milk:

Organic milk comes from cows that have been grazed on pasture that has no chemical fertilizers; the producers must register with an approved organic body our subject to regular inspection.


Most of the milk obsessive in Europe, it is the most admired method of heat treatment, and it is a comparatively mild form of treatment, which kills insensitive bacteria without considerably effecting the nutritional value or taste of the milk. After heating the milk is refrigerated rapidly to below 6C using chilled water on the differing side of the plate. This procedure also extends the keeping quality of the milk.

Evaporated milk:

It is fresh and homogenized milk, from which 60 percent of water has been removed. After the water has been removed, the product is chilled, stabilized, packaged and sterilized. It is easy to store because this milk does not require refrigerator. It contains huge amount of nutrients and vitamins.

Jersey and Guernsey milk:

It has a rich creamy taste, it tends to be slightly higher in calories and fat then regular whole milk and it has also high amount of vitamin A which is significant for the promotion of healthy growth and enhancement. The cream is visibly show in the milk, and is commonly found in supermarkets as “breakfast milk”.

Condensed milk:

Condensed milk is determined in the same way as evaporated milk, but with the addition of sugar. This product is not sterilized way is preserved by the high concentration of sugar. It can be made from whole milk, semi skimmed and skimmed milk. This milk is commonly used in the sugar confectionary industry for the production of toffee, caramel and fudge.


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